Do not even READ the book. It’s filled with gross racism, and the author herself has terribly racist reasoning behind her dehumanizing portrayal of her Asian characters.


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james franco went on a national morning talk show and admitted to trying to hook up with a 17 year old girl and the hosts laughed and thanked him for his honesty as if this were some embarrassing story at family dinner and not a potential felony what the hell

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The first choice I had to make that was a political was “Are we making a movie about a bunch of winners, a jingoistic movie about one ideology, one race? Or are we making a movie about the resistance, a bunch of people who are incomplete, fundamentally damaged?” It’s ultimately about the world saving the world, not just about one country with one ideology. I think it’s a very humanistic message, but hopefully with some of the most amazing action sequences you’ve ever seen.

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"I never should have put the two of you in that jaeger" isn’t about Mako and Raleigh’s compatibility or skills, it’s about the massive trauma each of them experienced, it’s about how raw that trauma still is for both them, it’s about how their both “incomplete, fundamentally damaged". but they decide to trust each other, they decide to let each other in, and ultimately the trauma doesn’t make them worse pilots (or better pilots), but the extreme amount of trust they have (that they have to have) with each other DOES make them better pilots.

later in this article Del Toro talks about how Mako is blue and Raleigh is amber and they’re complements, they complement each other, they complete each other because later, with both of them together, they get to red, which is the heart.


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asian ethnicities are not interchangeable and casting the right ethnicity is actually important

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ATTENTION: If you have an autoplay, if you post any triggering/NSFW content, if you are going on hiatus, or simply need to alert your followers of something, this post is for you.

A lot of people are triggered by sudden noises that they have no idea were coming, or just plain out not being ready for a sound or music. I’ve found a code for your tumblr that you can set to display your own message. I think it’d be really helpful if you have followers afraid of things that will suddenly startle them. You can find the code here. You can also use this for your own alert. Ex: “I am on hiatus!” “This blog contains ____.” This is good for many triggers. Simply copy and paste the code below your <head> and insert your own message into ‘YOUR MESSAGE HERE’. This has been a PSA. Please reblog this so people will know how to make their tumblrs a little safer. It’s not a must, but it’s a nice addition to help your followers feel safer on your blog. 

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Seriously guys, put POC in your sci-fi movies, books, and tv shows. Seeing a film with none of them at all is actually kind of scary for me.

It would be like you sitting down to watch a movie about a dystopian near future and there are absolutely no men and the plot doesn’t address that at all. Like, literally wouldn’t your first thought be that men were at some point eradicated completely by the women?

That is what we’re pretty much forced to think about your entirely white fictional society. Maybe y’all herded us into death camps. Maybe y’all just shot us all in the streets. All I know is there are none of us left and no one seems to find it suspicious or unusual.

If you don’t want people to think that about your work, then for the love of god include us in your narrative.

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can all these asian american youtubers take some classes on race and stop spewing post-racial nonsense and false equivalences to their young, impressionable, largely asian american audiences?

Post racism is a tool of white hegemony, don’t fall for it.

can asian american guy youtubers stop being such sexist little shits plsthnx

Anonymous asked: Becuase asian people, especially east asians are sometimes viewed in better light than other POC, can this be called asian privilege?



Privilege is NOT like hit points in a video game! Treating it that way just reproduces hierarchical white-dominated racial scales. It’s connected to institutional power and is culturally and historically contingent. Even white privilege is historically contingent in that it didn’t really exist before 1500 or so.

Some East Asians whose parents immigrated with a lot of social capital have advantages in life and a higher class position, others emphatically do not. This piece by Andrea Smith on the three pillars of white supremacy is a much more helpful way of framing the issue than video-game-style privilege calculation.

Someone who looks visibly East Asian in the US gets the benefit of positive stereotypes only in that racist institutions and people think, “they’re not like those other minorities”… most often, “not black”. So it’s really more of a kind of non-black privilege, if you use the framework of privilege at all. The privilege we get can be (and is) withdrawn by white people all the time. It’s nothing like white privilege.

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seeing as everyone has raised so much awareness for breast cancer on facebook recently, I would really love it if my tumblr friends/followers would reblog this post to raise some awareness for the condition i suffer from - cystic fibrosis. there’s no cure for my condition BUT we are so close to getting one. All we need is more awareness! cystic fibrosis is a GENETIC condition that mainly affects the lungs and digestive system. It’s a fault in my dna, and it causes thick sticky mucus to gather around my lungs and other organs.this then makes me more vulnerable to dangerous bacteria growing in my lungs and more lung infections. with every lung infection i get, the tissue in my lungs get damaged more every time. around 2.5 MILLION of you in the uk carry the “cf” gene, and if two people with the cf gene have a baby, the baby has a 1 in 4 chance of having cystic fibrosis. thats what happened to my mum and dad and me, and to around 10,000 people in the uk. there are only 80,000 people in the world with my condition and its a very serious life-threatening disease. the life expectancy is just 41 years old but with ongoing research it goes up every year. nobody knows what it is unless they know someone with it (like me) so PLEASE PLEASE would anyone just reblog this to raise awareness. children and young adults still die because of this disease because some people have it A LOT worse than others. I may look healthy on the outside but on the inside its a different story. my condition will inevitably get worse over time but there are treatments and medication to delay the damage. If you want to donate any money to the cystic fibrosis trust you can just text CFTG14 and the amount you want to donate (for example £1) and text it to 70070. There is a high possibility that a cure will happen in my lifetime, we just NEED the awareness. unlike cancer, we don’t have millions of pounds being donated every day and it would be AMAZING if it happened to us. If you don’t want to donate thats fine, just please reblog or even like it to make it appear on everyones dashboard. thank you!

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